→ What is «My French Hospital»?

A platform created by the French Healthcare Association to support foreign patients in the management of their care by a French healthcare institution. The site My French Hospital, built as a search engine, lists and makes available the records of many French health institutions so that the patient finds the most suitable institution for his needs.

→ Who is this platform intended for?

The My French Hospital platform is mainly aimed at foreign patients, their families and health insurers. But it is also intended for any other person seeking a health facility in France or simply information about it.

→ What is this platform for?

This platform makes it possible in a few clicks to find the French hospitals that can meet a specific request according to precise criteria (treatment of a pathology, choice of a treatment, a certain technique, services offered, etc.).The platform is therefore also intended to promote French expertise and to set out the healthcare services available in the listed institutions.

→ Who set up this site?

This site is edited by the French Healthcare Association.Created in January 2018 under the leadership of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the French Healthcare Association (https://frenchhealthcare-association.fr) aims to promote French health expertise internationally.The association federates French companies, public and private health institutions, research and training institutes that wish to be an active part of a collective dynamic and to mutually promote their activities internationally. It is built both as a tool to stimulate the network of health actors and as an instrument for the collective promotion of French know-how. The association contributes to the spread of the French Healthcare brand (which is owned by the State).

→ How was the selection of establishments made?

This site presents and lists all the French healthcare institutions, members of the French Healthcare Association, that wished to appear there.For more information, please contact the French Healthcare Association team: [email protected].

→ How to direct a search?

A search can be carried out by medical specialty, by keyword or by clicking on the interactive map of France. Each of these possibilities will find the suitable establishment according to the criteria concerned (specialties, pathology, technique or even geolocation of the establishment).

→ How to do search mainly focused on location?

To direct a search for an institution according to its location, in the “Find an institution” tab select the “Interactive map” sub-tab. A map of France with different pointers representing the establishments will appear. A click on any one will bring up a tooltip with the name of the structure as well as a link “find out more” referring to an establishment page to continue the search for information.

→ How to do search mainly focused on a particular pathology or treatment?

To guide an institutional research based on a particular pathology or treatment, use the site search engine by first selecting the specialty that concerns the pathology or treatment and then type the keyword or keywords required.
For a more detailed search, in the “Find an Institution” tab select the “Search” sub-tab and arrive directly on the search page that will allow – once the specialty has been selected – the choice of the type of illness, pathology, medical act or treatment sought in the block under the name of the chosen specialty.

→ Who can I contact if I have further questions?

If you have any questions about using this site, please contact [email protected]. For the French Healthcare Association, please use [email protected]. To contact one of the establishments present on this site, please refer to the section “Contact information” that each structure has at the bottom of its establishment page.

→ How can I get in touch with the establishment of my choice?

To get in touch with one of the establishments present on this site, click on the “Contact” button which appears as soon as the structure is presented on its establishment page. Alternativelty, consult the section “Contact information” that each structure has at the bottom of its establishment page, section containing: telephone number, website or links to social media.

→ Where does the information provided on the establishment files of the different structures come from?

Each structure has individually provided the information present in its establishment file, and is fully responsible for it.