With its two international airports, Paris is a main entry point to France for many foreign visitors. It is
well connected to all of the country’s major cities by air and train.
▸ 38 international airports in France, two of which are in Paris; high-speed trains (TGV) available from
Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle Airport to all major cities in France.
▸ All means of transport are available for getting around Paris and the surrounding metropolitan area
(Île-de-France): train, RER, metro, tramway, bus and taxi. Connection is also available to all major
French cities via high-speed train (TGV), domestic flights and main motorways.



France has a considerable offer of hotels of all categories in all of its cities and near to hospital
facilities. It is also possible to find furnished apartments for longer stays.
All cities make hotel and booking information available through their tourist offices. In Paris, there
are more than forty booking centres.

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