The Lorraine Cancer Institute – Alexis Vautrin

The Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine (ICL), a member of UNICANCER, is a private health institution of collective interest (ESPIC) which takes care of any patient with suspicion or certainty of cancer. Recognized as a public utility, it does not practice in the private sector or in excess of fees.

Regional center for the fight against cancer, the ICL provides standard and highly specific care missions for patients with gynecological, breast, bronchial, ENT, digestive, prostate, urological cancers, sarcomas, melanomas, tumors of the nervous system or certain childhood cancers.

The ICL collects donations and legacies to finance its research, innovation or patient aid projects. The institute is very involved in education in oncology in Lorraine, it delivers more than 4000 hours of teaching per year, part of which is approved "Continuous Professional Development". Labeled Clinical Research Center, the institute is also very present in the field of research, participating in many projects.


The ICL brings together in a single structure the modern means of diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant tumors (surgery, radiotherapy, medical oncology, oncogenetics).

Created in 1924, the Regional Center for the Fight against Cancer is located on the Brabois plateau, close to the University Hospital of Nancy, with which it forms the Regional Cancer Center of Lorraine. ICL is a member of the NEON health network.


The ICL in figures (2021)

  • 84 hospital beds
  • 71 places in day hospitalization
  • 7 outpatient surgery places
  • 21,096 days of standard hospitalization
  • 22,436 days of day hospitalization
  • 15,704 patients treated including 4,453 new ones
  • 763 employees including 101 doctors
  • 155 ongoing therapeutic trials
  • 859 patients included in clinical trials
  • 109 publications referenced in international journals
  • 100 million euros in operating expenses
  • 1.1 million euros in donations

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