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The Vivalto Santé Group was created in 2009 by Daniel Caille and liberal doctors on the occasion of the takeover of three establishments: the Saint-Grégoire Private Hospital Center (Saint-Grégoire), the Pasteur-Lanroze Clinic (Brest) and the Clinic of the Emerald Coast (Saint-Malo).

The Vivalto Santé Group is developing a network of establishments in an efficient territorial network in the service of excellence in care and in compliance with the expectations of all healthcare professionals and patients. In particular, it aims to implement structuring medical projects in order to consolidate its centers of excellence and strengthen medical expertise within its establishments. At the head of a network of 91 healthcare establishments in 6 countries (France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic and Slovakia), the Vivalto Santé Group, which represents more than €2 billion in turnover, is now one of the major players in hospitalization in Europe.

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