Researchers from French Healthcare Association’s member cancer centers, ranked among the most highly cited in the world

November 20, 2023

Researchers from Centre Léon Bérard, Institut Gustave Roussy, Institut Curie and Unicancer are among the world’s most cited researchers. These 4 cancer centers, all members of French Healthcare Association, include among their teams some 15 researchers who have distinguished themselves through their international influence in this field.

Clarivate, which manages the Web of Science scientific and technical information platform, revealed on November 15 its new international ranking of highly cited researchers. The study is based primarily on the analysis of data extracted from the Web of Science, which catalogues international scientific literature and produces bibliographic databases. Of course, once the number of citations for a given author has been determined, the organization relies on other qualitative criteria to assess the real scope of influence of the ranked researchers.

Data scientists thus managed to narrow their selection down to around 7000 researchers for 2023, coming from over 1300 different institutions, in 67 countries.

Globally, highly influencial researchers in French healthcare Association’s member cancer centers

These particularly influential researchers seem to be rare: according to Clarivate, they represent 1 researcher for every 1,000 in the international scientific community.

Some fifteen of them work at French Healthcare Association member institutions, all of which are committed to the fight against cancer on an international scale. Oncology researchers at Unicancer, Institut Gustave Roussy, Institut Curie and Centre Léon Bérard, are showcasing their expertise to the world.

Remember : these organizations had already shined at the best world hospitals ranking, published by Newsweek, in octobre, mainly in the oncology department. Which proves again the excellency of french researchers commited to fight cancer, including within French Healthcare Association’s network.

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