The Foch Hospital welcomes the Minister of Health of Benin as part of a cooperation project for the development of cancer care in Benin

November 7, 2022

The International Management of the Foch Hospital, represented by its Director Dr. Serge Bonnetier, had the honor of receiving the visit of Mr. Benjamin Hounkpatin, Minister of Health of Benin.

This meeting is part of a cooperation project aimed at improving the quality of care for cancer patients in Benin. The Beninese delegation thus had the opportunity to visit the centralized chemotherapy preparation unit, directed by Dr. Brigitte BONAN-HAYAT as well as the oncology day hospital of Pr. Jaafar Bennouna. With their teams, they will accompany Benin in this ambitious oncological project.

Pr. Damien Bresson, Head of the neurosurgery department, was also able to present his department in order to strengthen innovative surgery in Benin.

The cooperation began following a first audit carried out in November 2020 concerning the development of cancer care in Benin. A second delegation from the Foch hospital made up of medical, technical and equipment experts around Dr Serge Bonnetier (Dir of the International Dpt) went on site the week of September 19, 2022. This trip followed the will of the authorities of Benin to develop care for patients on a national scale.

The stakes of this cooperation: to allow better management of cancers in Benin by the creation of two day hospitals in medical oncology and a centralized chemotherapy preparation unit in the two reference centers, by the coordination of therapeutic choices in conjunction with the local RCPs as well as through oncology training for medical and paramedical staff.

About Foch Hospital

The Mont-Valérien Franco-American Foundation, known as the Maréchal Foch Foundation, which founded the Foch Hospital, still plays a central role in its management.

With 2,000 staff members (including 300 doctors) and 600 beds, our hospital is one of the most effective and renowned non-profit hospitals with a public service mission in France.

The Foch Hospital indeed provides a wide range of treatments to adult patients in almost all of the medical and surgical domains and commits to education and research, while paying crucial attention to patient care, including through the investment in cutting edge medical technology.

Foch Hospital was granted a level B certification by the French National Authority for Health (“Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS)” in 2020, based on a ranking system going from A to E.

The hospital stands out from the French medical offer by being the leader in the field of neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, gynaecology, urology, internal medicine and oncology through innovative treatments.

To broaden access to medical excellence and facilitate the treatment of international patients, the Foch Hospital has an International Department, with a dedicated team.

Following an audit carried out by AFNOR in April 2022, the Foch Hospital’s International Department has been granted the French Hospital Quality label by the French Healthcare Association for a three-year period.

This certification is a guarantee of the quality of the care provided to international patients in France: the hospitality, support, information, hotel services and administrative follow-up provided to these patients at Foch Hospital have thus been honoured.

As the third health establishment in France to obtain this label, the Foch Hospital has distinguished itself both by its reliability in the qualitative care of international patients and by its commitment to promote French medical know-how abroad.


Foch Hospital
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