Major French hospitals to open a regional office in the United Arab Emirates and seek partnership opportunities

October 26, 2022

Four major not-for-profit French hospitals Curie Institute, Paris Saint-Joseph and Marie-Lannelongue HospitalsRothschild Foundation Hospital and the medical services and consulting company C3Medical have announced their collaboration in opening an office in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from September 2022 in order to better address the needs of the populations of the Middle East countries by developing strong ties with local partners.

Several countries in the region have initiated ambitious strategic health system transformation programs mainly aiming at facilitating access to care, improving the quality and efficiency of services provided and promoting preventive medicine to tackle cancer and lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases to ensure a longer, healthier life for their citizens.

Governments are leading important investment and privatization programs with local and international actors. Hence, health authorities work to increase the share of public and private hospitals accredited according to national and international quality standards of medical services and staff and seek solutions in terms of training of healthcare professionals, skills transfer, methodologies, processes and hospital strategic plan definition, that are provided by innovative companies and leading international care providers.

France is one of the major healthcare and life sciences actors in the world, with a strong track- record of bringing innovative health solutions to the market as well as developing leading hospitals with strong expertise and know-how in laboratory and hospital management, research and training. French hospitals have an excellent reputation for its doctors and the care provided.

While a few French hospitals have already developed relationships with local institutions in the Middle East, this innovative collaboration around a regional office aims at increasing the local presence of complementary actors, renowned for their excellence in very demanded fields Curie Institute (oncology), Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital and Marie-Lannelongue (multi-specialty with an expertise in cardiology, vascular, heart and thoracic surgery, minimally-invasive surgery : orthopedics, proctology, cancers, gynecology and obstetrics), Rothschild Foundation Hospital (ophthalmology, neurosurgery, neurology, interventional neuroradiology and ENT) through the support of the international medical services and consulting company C3Medical.

This will allow the four French hospitals to better understand local challenges at stake, facilitate communication and strengthen ties with local key players, with the objective to support the achievement of governments’ ambitious health sector transformation goals.

“The Middle East region is extremely dynamic and committed in terms of improving the care provided to its populations. We believe that by offering innovative solutions, partnerships adapted to the challenges with the most qualified French players, project support and a local presence, we will be able to help realize this vision. Our alliance guarantees key stakeholders of the region to benefit from a short and efficient circuit to some of the best healthcare providers that have built strong relationships and work in a complementary manner, with a dedicated point of contact when it comes to providing second medical opinion or treating complex cases.” Jérôme Soistier – CEO C3Medical

About Curie Institute:

Curie Institute, France’s leading cancer center is a private health institution of collective interest (ESPIC) founded in 1909 by Marie Curie that combines an internationally renowned research center with a state-of-the-art hospital complex that treats all cancers (breast, eye, pediatric, sarcomas, lung, supportive & palliative care), including the rarest and most complex ones.

It brings together 3,700 researchers, physicians and healthcare professionals at three sites (Paris, Saint-Cloud and Orsay) to carry out its three missions: care, research and teaching.

The Curie Institute is the first European center for breast cancer treatment. 56,110 patients were seen in 2019, including 16,511 new ones. More than 20,000 surgeries, 50,000 chemotherapies and 100,000 radiotherapy sessions were performed that year.

As the birthplace of radiotherapy and a pioneer in conservative treatments and the development of supportive care, the Curie Institute continues to innovate in techniques and complex treatment paths (high-precision radiotherapy, proton therapy, phototherapy, precision medicine, imaging, oncoplastic, oncogenetics, etc.). With its strong clinical research capacity, the Curie Institute is the sponsor of numerous clinical trials and involves its patients in them whenever possible (2,100 patients involved in 2019).

The Curie Institute provides consulting services around the globe to institutions and private actors both at a country level (national cancer plan, regional organization of cancer care) and at a hospital level (hospital strategic planning, OECI accreditation, Equipment plan, second opinion and patient transfer for complex cases, training of cancer care human resources, etc.).

About Paris Saint-Joseph and Marie-Lannelongue Hospitals:

Established in Paris over a century, the Paris Saint-Joseph hospital group now brings together two major hospitals : Saint-Joseph hospital located in the heart of Paris and Marie-Lannelongue hospital located in Paris’ inner suburbs.

Our non-profitinstitution is committed to provide the very best health care services to each patient through a multi-disciplinary approach (45 medical et surgical specialties), its state of the art technology and the excellence of its teams.

The group has a capacity of 894 beds and welcomes over 100,000 inpatient stays (all general internal medicine, all general and minimally-invasive surgery, gynecology, obstetrics and neonatology) and 332,550 outpatient visits, 3,465 births and 58 heart and lung transplants and 55,500 Emergency attendances every year.

According to 2022 rankings (Newsweek, The Point, The Figaro), Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group is ranked as the 1st private nonprofit hospital in Francethe 90th best hospital worldwide with three major distinctions in cardiology, neurology and oncology. Moreover, it has built a comprehensive specialized care offer around 9 specialized institutes and 16 multidisciplinary centers.

About Rothschild Foundation Hospital:

Created in 1905 in the 19th district of Paris, the Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation Hospital is a private health institution of collective interest (ESPIC) specialized in all pathologies of the head and neck for adults and children.

This university hospital offers excellent care at a conventional rate (non-profit), with 1246 employees (including 288 doctors) and treats nearly 300,000 patients every year. Providing the continuum of care, research and training, the Rothschild Foundation Hospital pilots 125 clinical research studies each year, publishes nearly 300 scientific articles and trains nearly 700 students.

The services of the Rothschild Foundation Hospital regularly appear at the top of the rankings of the best French hospitals, in particular in the fields of corneal transplants, retinopathy in premature infants, artificial retinal implantation, stroke treatment by mechanical thrombectomy, cerebral aneurysms, management of dystonia, etc.

The Rothschild Foundation Hospital has obtained the highest level of certification, with no obligation or recommendation for improvement from the French High Authority of Health.

About C3Medical:

Created in 2011 and headquartered in Paris, C3Medical is an international medical assurance services company that aims at improving the health of people living in countries where healthcare systems and medical networks are not yet meeting all the needs.

Specialized in the organization and optimization of care pathways for foreign patients in France, the company meets the needs of institutions, insurance and assistance companies around the world. It provides them with access to a range of innovative solutions with high added value, enabling them to improve the health of their citizens or policyholders and reduce their costs.

To do this, the company facilitates access to the best teams and structures (depending on the pathology) manages, organizes and coordinates medical, financial and logistical services (MEDEVAC, medical-social hotline, transportation, accommodation, home hospitalization, medical “conciergerie”, translation, TPA, etc.) of a care pathway, in partnership with its network of qualified service providers (doctors, medical structures, transportation companies, hotel groups, home care services, etc.).

Leveraging upon the expertise of its team and of its network, the company also delivers consulting to governments, enterprises and medical structures wishing to define and develop strategies, new clinics or centers, partnerships, and activities in the health sector.

C3Medical operates in France and the company has opened representation offices in Morocco, China, across West and Central Africa, and now in the Middle East with one goal in mind: provide best possible care at the most relevant price.

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