Mapping the French expertise and exportable know-how in oncology.

October 24, 2022

French Healthcare Association and Business France are proud to introduce the first edition of the mapping of French exportable solutions in the field of oncology. The ambition of this project is to bring together in a single document innovation, expertise and excellence in the field of prevention, screening, care and follow-up of cancer patients.

Among the leading causes of death in the world, cancer is also the leading cause of preventable death, since it is currently estimated that nearly one cancer death in two could be prevented. This is why the French Healthcare Association is offering, for the first time, this mapping of the French oncology offer, in order to participate in the dissemination of innovation and excellence in oncology to as many people as possible.

French exportable human and industrial expertise

For more than 20 years, the French “cancer plans” have become international models for mobilizing all resources, from research to care, to reduce cancer mortality.

France is at the forefront of progress by creating a favorable ecosystem to face the challenges of personalized medicine development.

In support of this ambition, twelve of the eighteen French cancer centers are ranked among the best hospitals specialized in oncology in the world. Among them, 2 are in the top 50: Gustave Roussy 5th and the Institut Curie 31st (members of the Unicancer federation). French experts also have access to the best know-how in the world to assess a country’s oncology needs and to assist it in implementing a national cancer strategy

Education in oncology : a stategic tool

Training is a strategic tool for improving the quality of care. France disseminates its know-how internationally through numerous training programs for international professionals in its most prestigious hospitals and institutes

The French healthcare offers industrial solutions that can be exported in a wide range of fields such as drugs, medical devices, telemedicine and information systems. 

The website highlights continuing education offers (simulation, internships, fellowships …) in the largest Cancer Centers, for foreign health professionals wishing to train in France.

Welcoming international patients in France

The leading pathology treated in France for international patients is cancer.
Thanks to one of the most stringent quality and safety certification systems in the world, the creation of the website, that enable international patient to select the most adapted care center acording to their pathology; and the implementation of the “French Hospital Quality” label for facilities receiving foreign patients, France offers a benchmark healthcare system among OECD countries in terms of access to care. It ranks 5th in the world for the quality of its healthcare infrastructure.  

France’s commitment to the fight against cancer is supported by all the players involved and international influence is at the heart of the actions undertaken: research, patient care, development of new drugs, technologies, training and support for patients.

French oncology research recognized worldwide

France benefits from the presence of world-renowned academic, industrial and clinical players such as Inserm, which is ranked 9th in the world among the most innovative research institutes.
The dynamism of cancer research is reflected in the quality and number of publications, which ranks France 2nd in Europe and 4th in the world for clinical trials in cancer.

To find out more about the French oncology offer, download the map of French expertise and exportable know-how in oncology.

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